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Philosophie, Astronomie, Rationalisme, Science, Esprit Critique
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 Actualités de fin juin 2006

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Masculin Nombre de messages : 2421
Age : 44
Localisation : Union européenne
Emploi : informaticien
Loisirs : Sciences, épistémologie, esprit critique
Date d'inscription : 27/10/2004

MessageSujet: Actualités de fin juin 2006   Sam 24 Juin 2006 - 19:20

Le membre nommé Fordicio semble un faux inscrit : son profil contient de la publicité vers des sites de casino, ce qui est contraire à l'éthique du forum PARSEC. Une telle pub est sanctionnée par un ban.

This area doesn't allow adverts about websites linked to money games !
Every link to those websites will lead to a ban.

Please read carefully the forum ethics, it is now translated into english.




Written on April 17th 2006

1 - Reasons of moderation and suppression of messages:

First of all, here a list of reasons of moderation and suppression of certain messages; in italic the sanctions will be registered:

With - Matter counters the people: remarks racist, xenophobe, abusive, defamatory, homophobes, sexists, in short any form of discrimination make indignant with the human person.
Such a behavior and its repetition will involve a fast and final round of applause, preceded by two warnings.

B - Out-Subjects: the messages out-subjects will not be unobtrusive but will be moved towards the heading which corresponds indeed to the treated topic. If the topic does not exist, it is created. But if the topic is completely external with the ground of extrapolation of the forum, it will be cancelled.
Maximum 2 warnings, not of round of applause.

C - Typographical abuses, like Flood and the language SMS (impulsive repetition of messages or characters, or writing which does not have any direction...). Any image of too broad or too animated misadventure or of shocking appearance is prohibited.
Possible round of applause after 2 warnings if the person does not want to still cooperate.

D - Dysorthography: the spelling mistakes are requested to be corrected by the posteurs, the administration of the forum could possibly correct them itself if it has time of them. The lack of textual hygiene can obstruct the readers and harm the literary quality of the forum. The voluntary and involuntary faults will not be sanctioned same manner. Only the voluntary faults will be sanctioned.
Maximum 2 warnings, possible round of applause if the person does not seek at all to cooperate.

E - Illicit remarks: messages containing of the images or the texts in matter adult, illegal, incentive with the suicide and the crime, and/or causing indignation. The incentive with the suicide and the crime, and/or causing indignation is illegal. Recruitment towards sites related to the sects is strictly prohibited. Lastly, the illegal exercise of medicine or pharmacy is condemnable penally.
Round of applause after 1 warning.

F - Publicity: it is not allowed to make publicity towards another forum, or of the Web sites, but that can sometimes be tolerated according to cases'. Only the mention of sites to quote sources is authorized. The publicity of official scientific sites is authorized. Moreover, the part "Favourites" is especially reserved for this kind of thing but is moderate all the same (see the other paragraphs of the 1 -). the Spam, the scam and the phishing is prohibited.
Possible round of applause after 2 warnings if the person does not want to still cooperate.

G - Propaganda: political or sectarian propaganda is rigorously prohibited, any contravener will be excluded definitively without notice. This paragraph H joins the paragraphs E, F and J.
Round of applause after 1 warning.

H - Confidentiality: the private and confidential personal data should not be diffused publicly (addresses email or postal, n° of telephone, etc...).

I - Headings: any title of topic and/or message writing in capital letters, or mis-spellt is disadvised. Thanks for making clear and precise titles in order to facilitate the life of the other users! The new registered voters commit themselves being been registering under a pseudonym which is not vulgar, incorrect or inappropriate.

J - On the irrational one: the polemic on subjects having unverifiable and irrefutable sources illegitimate and are deprived of scientificity (criterion epistemological of Popper) and liable to suppression. The messages directed towards the misinformation and mystification, some is their nature, will be removed.

K - On the texts confused: the set language (xyloglossy) and the obscure use of texts and meaningless are to be avoided in the forum. It is recommended to the members of the forum to have a minimum of basic knowledge (not necessarily wide) to discuss on any type of subject. Any scientific subject authorizes humour, the philosophical or epistemological reasoning, but excludes the inspiration irrational, mystical, ideological or religious, in order to avoid any form of abuses (pseudo-sciences, sects, ideologies, dogmatism...) which would have the audacity to be claimed scientific by affirming unverifiable "truths" which is likely to harm to the credulous and vulnerable people.
The voluntary xyloglossy and its repetition will involve a fast and final round of applause, preceded by two warnings.

L - Conditionnalisation: the use of the mode of conditional becomes systematic to discuss scientific subjects which will have the characteristic not to be confirmed in experiments and scientifically. For any conjecture and any postulate, the use of the mode of the code will have to be accompanied by the mention "assumption". This measurement will thus respect the rational and rigorous framework necessary to the scientific step.

M - the publication of any photography of people only engages
its publicator, and this publication must be made imperatively with
the agreement of the person who is on the photograph (right to the image). Posting
photographs of minor people is rigorously prohibited without the parental agreement (French right).

N - Data-processing delinquency: are the hacking and the hacking acts of ill will which are punished 2 years of prison and 15000? of fine (law Godfrain of 1986, French penal code). Any act of data-processing ill will on this forum has as a consequence of the legal proceedings some.
The discussions on the hacking, cracking, phreaking and the data-processing illegality are formally prohibited in this forum and liable to final exclusion of the contraveners without notice.

O - Criticism: the critical and objective analysis of any varied subject free and is authorized, since the topics approached are not in conflict with the paragraphs of this payment.

P - Democracy: the opinion of the members of the forum is free, it is a basic right, since their remarks do not offend nor do not shock others. The freedom of expression is a right, but this freedom becomes illegitimate when it is directed out of the law and of good citizenship. The freedom of belief is also a right, which must be compatible with secularity: there is each one his own system of belief, but one will abstain from posting it publicly.
Atheism, agnosticism and skepticism are an absence of beliefs and can thus be asserted publicly.

Q - Copyright © : an acute attention is necessary on the copyright and the intellectual property. Any text or image belonging to an author, who did not fall into the public domain is interdict of diffusion on this forum if the publicator is not itself the author. The violation of the copyright involves the removal of the plagiarized contents, without notice! It would be enough that an author realizes that Google referred its text and found it in this forum, and complains some near the organizations which defend its royalties. The public domain relates to the?uvres whose author is deceased before 1936. It is indeed necessary to wait 70 years after the disappearance of an author to diffuse his works legally.
Possible round of applause after 2 warnings if the person does not want to still cooperate.

2 - Quality of the messages:

Some of the points evoked above on the behaviors to avoid embarrassment enormously certain people who wish only to have one convivial forum, practical and pleasant to read...
BBCode is a tool which makes it possible besides to decorate the messages and is made to make use of it...
Thus do not hesitate, a message is more pleasant and thus gravitational when he is written and presented well well...

3 - Behavior and respect of each one:

Thank you to preserve a reasonable behavior on the forum and to comply with these some rules...
The forum will remain thus a didactic place, of relaxation and leisures!
Caution: Any abusive behavior in the forum could be sanctioned by a round of applause preceded by two warnings (except exceptions of the chapters B, E and G of the 1).

4 - Help:

If you require for assistance or if you have questions, you can consult the FAQ (Fair With the Questions) of the forum...
If you do not find what you seek, see a moderating administrator/or with the other registered voters of the forum or send to him a message deprived by the forum.


Philosophie, Astronomy, Rationalism, Science, Esprit Critic


« On ne sait que lorsqu'on sait peu, avec le savoir croît le doute. » (Goethe)
« La qualité d’une expérience se mesure au nombre de théories qu’elle fait tomber. »
« Oser savoir en utilisant sa raison critique c’est le fondement de notre modernité, cela reste la condition de son avenir.» (Emmanuel Kant)
« Seul a un caractère scientifique ce qui peut être réfuté. Ce qui n'est pas réfutable relève de la magie ou de la mystique. » (Karl Popper)
« Une théorie est scientifique si et seulement si elle susceptible d'être réfutée ; elle n'est pas vraie, mais tout au plus admise provisoirement. » (Karl Popper)
« Toute connaissance accessible doit être atteinte par des méthodes scientifiques ; et ce que la science ne peut pas découvrir, l'humanité ne peut pas le connaître. » (Bertrand Russell)
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Actualités de fin juin 2006
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